3 Days in Somerset: Wells, Glastonbury & Cheddar

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What better way to welcome in Spring and the clocks going forward than with a local cider in hand, basking in a golden sunset in one of England’s most beautiful and classic counties: Somerset.

When it was unclear what travel would still look like in 2022, we decided to maximise flexible working and take the opportunity to explore a little more of England. Setting up camp at a gorgeous AirBnb just outside of Wells, we spent 3 days exploring the nearby area.

Day 1: Glastonbury

Glastonbury town centre

Day 1 was a working day for us. Our AirBnb had brilliant and reliable WiFi, and the village it was situated in made for a nice lunchtime stroll.

Glastonbury Tor

When it hit 5pm, we high-tailed it over to Glastonbury to walk up Glastonbury Tor for sunset. Most will know Glastonbury because of the famous festival it hosts nearby. It’s a very pretty, very spiritual town, with lots of pretty buildings and street art. Most places were closing as we arrived, so we did not explore it to its fullest, but I imagine a stroll through the town centre would be very pleasant.

Glastonbury Tor is an iconic landmark, visible from all around, and holding a lot of meaning – read about its legends here.

Starting from the city centre, the walk took us an hour in total. It is a little steep in parts, but not too bad, and is dog-friendly.

Wells Cathedral

Day 2: Wells

Vicar’s Close

Oh, Wells. The key reason for our visit. A truly stunning city (England’s smallest city) – sort of a mix between Winchester and Oxford. Totally stunning and filled with history, it has fast become one of my favourite places. (Fun fact: it is also the film location for most of Hot Fuzz).

The Bishops’ Palace

Must-see things: Wells Cathedral, the Bishops’ Palace, Union Street, Vicar’s Close

Eateries & coffee: Strangers with Coffee, Wells Market (every Saturday), Pickwicks Country Kitchen, Rugantinos, the Greek Taverna, TwentyOne Cafe, Kitty Banks.

We also booked dinner at a pub called The Sheppey Inn in Godfrey – an eclectically decorated pub with local cider and live music – great fun and would recommend – but book a taxi!

Day 3: Cheddar & Cheddar Gorge

Checking out of our AirBnb as quick as our unadjusted body clocks would allow us (the clocks went forward the previous night), we booked breakfast at The Swan in Wedmore (lovely, great garden around the back) before heading onward to Cheddar Gorge.

Now. We did the Cheddar Gorge loop, and I must warn – it was pretty tough. It took us about 2.5 – 3 hours in total, has many steep parts, and the terrain is quite rocky. Totally worth it for the views, but just know what you’re in for ahead so you bring snacks and water with you!

We then had a late lunch at Cafe Gorge, which is really nice – would recommend, and is at the end of the loop (if you start at Jacob’s Ladder).